How to choose swimwear

How to choose swimwear
How to choose best fit swimwear for women with bigger boobs

This page is a copy of the Sonsie Swimwear booklet "How to choose best fit swimwear for women with bigger boobs".  If you would like to down load the PDF version of this booklet click on the Sonsie woman here ...

Best Fit Swimwear for Women with Bigger Boobs
by Ree Smith

Many stylists who write about choosing swimwear for women with a larger bust obviously don’t have one. Year after year we hear the same type of advice – get a swimsuit as high and with as much coverage as possible, wear plain dark colors, get an underwire style etc … 

Here at Sonsie Swimwear we disagree with most of this advice! Because that high cut dark colored swimsuit is just going to make you look like you’ve got a giant tyre on your chest. We have bigger boobs and we know from our own experience and our research that the best swimwear for women with large breasts is a patterned, colorful, halter style with a flattering V. And we usually don’t want underwired bra styles, we want to be more comfortable on the beach or at the pool. 

Our bigger boobed women also tell us that sometime in their lives they have all had comments about their breasts that weren’t nice. They want to be able to go to the beach with their families wearing a flattering fashionable normal looking swimsuit and feeling okay about their bodies. They don’t like shopping when they are made to feel abnormal because the ‘normal’ clothes don’t fit them. 

Recent statistics tell us that women in the Western world are getting bigger boobs. There aren’t many women over 35 years of age who haven’t noticed that many school girls are very tall! Well their height isn’t the only thing that is getting bigger. Lingerie company Bendon has just released their latest survey figures – almost 50% of the market is now a D cup or above. Plastic surgeons are also commenting that the numbers of women seeking breast reduction surgery is increasing. 

So if you don’t want to go under the knife and you do want to go to the beach or the pool – what do you do? After years of being unable to find swimwear that fitted, Ree Smith decided to create her own. The Sonsie swimwear range is made for women who look at those tiny triangles in swimwear shops and ask themselves how on earth am I going to fit into those??!!

So here’s what to look for in a swimsuit if you have bigger boobs and want to minimize your look:

1. Choose a patterned fabric. Small to medium sized patterns make the eye look all around the pieces of the pattern instead of seeing one big block of solid color. 

2. Choose a bright funky color. Don't think that black is slimming, a color that suits your skin tones will look so much better. 

3. Asymmetric styles also help minimize the size of your chest so try to get a swimsuit pattern that is different on each side. 

4. Go for a V-neck halter style. It divides your chest in two and so your boobs appear smaller. Avoid those skinny halter straps that dig into your neck. 

5. Unless you want to be running on the beach avoid the swimsuit that squashes your boobs against your chest. Yes they will look smaller but you will morph into Uni-boob Woman and that single boob look is not so good! 

6. Don’t be afraid of exposing a bit of skin! As long as the cup sizes are big enough you don’t need to worry about falling out and having a ‘wardrobe malfunction’, and it will look a lot more flattering. 

7. Go for a bikini or tankini so you can get a different sized top and bottom. 

8. And the final step: put the swimsuit, bikini or tankini on and bend over to pick something off the floor. If your boobs are still in place when you stand up again, it’s the right fit for you!!

At last! Bikinis and tankinis that fit your boobs!

About our swimwear
Sonsie Swimwear is Australasia’s on-line swimwear company for women with bigger boobs.   We have four main pieces made from nylon/lycra – bikini top, tankini top, wrap skirt and tie side pant.   We make funky, colourful, flexi-sized swimwear pieces which combine to allow women to cover or expose whatever parts of their body that they wish.   The pieces are all cut to flatter, fit well and make women who don’t fit standard swimwear feel great in a swimsuit.   

Sonsie swimwear includes the following design features.   Most of the range is made in colorful patterned fabrics.   

  • Flexible sizing – there are only two sizes, Small (approx Aus & NZ 10-12 or US 6-8) and Average (approx Aus & NZ 14-18 or US 10-12-14).   All the swimwear pieces are adjustable in fit and are based on the measurements of a woman’s ribcage and hips.   Sonsie already know that their customers are a D, an E, F, or G cup, and they have made them to fit their boobs.   The rest of the fit is in the ties.   No more worries about whether you are a 12F or a 10G or a 14E or a 16C etc etc. 
  • The Sonsie bikinis and tankinis do not have underwires in them.  We wanted a more comfortable swimsuit.  We did want some support though so we have swimwear rubber in all the bands of the swimwear.  This gives extra support and stops the straps turning into narrow strings that feel as if they are cutting into you.  The support in a Sonsie bikini or tankini is about half way between a traditional "string' bikini and a bra. 
  • These swimsuits are made for the beach or the resort.   They are perfect for lounging around the pool and sunbathing.   The ties undo so strap marks can be avoided, women can tie a tankini over their bikini if they are shy about their stomach, and they can wear the skirt if they are shy about their thighs.   They can cover or reveal whatever they want but they won’t fall out of the top!   
  • “Beach to Bar” swimwear pieces – there is a bikini, a tankini, a bikini pant and a wrap skirt.   They can be worn in combinations that cover the body parts that are least loved, or worn all together and they become a sundress.   The tankini can be worn as   top over other street clothes, it looks great with denim shorts, skirts, jeans. 
  • Funky patterns and colours – no more nana suits and hiding under t-shirts, and the patterns distract the eye away from the obvious.
  • They are a good fit for pregnant women and after the baby is born. 
“All I wanted was swimwear that felt and looked as good as what smaller women could buy, so in the end I just had to make it myself” Ree said, “And I love the confidence that it gives bigger boobed women – it does feel great and look fabulous and the feedback from happy customers has made it even more worthwhile!”    

The models on the Sonsie website are all volunteers.   ”Real women” who look fantastic and confident and took their chance to be a famous swimwear model.   Why don’t you join us?   Send your photos of you looking fabulous in Sonsie swimwear and we will put them on our site.   Turns out being a model is very good for your self esteem as well as your business.  And encouraging women with bigger boobs to feel good about their bodies is Sonsie’s secret agenda!

The Sonsie tankini top
The famous Sonsie tankini ties at the neck and at the back with a slightly flared overall shape to skim your curves. Like smaller cup swimwear it is designed to be flexi-sized so will fit a wide variety of bigger boobed women. The Sonsie tankini has more coverage around the sides of the cups and the ties are the right width and construction so they don’t dig into your neck.   Most of the support in a bra is supposed to be in the band that goes around your body, not the straps. So apply the same principle to the Sonsie tankini and tie the band that goes around your body under your boobs nice and tightly, and then adjust the neck tie to fit.   The Sonsie tankini is great as a swimsuit and as a casual top, and you can wear it alone or over the top of your bikini. 

Here’s a quote from our feedback: 

Aaargh, I love it!! It really is so flattering. This is also the first tankini or swimsuit that I haven’t been self-conscious about my boobs, it actually makes them look good and what really surprised me is the support it provided. 

The Sonsie bikini top
The Sonsie bikini ties at the neck and at the back. Like smaller cup bikinis it is designed to be flexi-sized so will fit a wide variety of bigger boobed women. The Sonsie bikini has more coverage around the sides and the ties are the right width and construction so they don’t dig into your neck. Most of the support in a bra is supposed to be in the band that goes around your body, not the straps. So apply the same principle to the Sonsie bikini and tie the band that goes around your body under your boobs nice and tightly, and then adjust the neck tie to fit.   The Sonsie bikini can be worn by itself, or covered up with the Sonsie tankini and/or the Sonsie wrap skirt. 

Here’s a quote from our feedback: 

“I received my bikini and I love it. I had searched all summer to find a swimsuit that has full coverage and I just can't believe I got this!! Thanks so much, C.” 

The Sonsie wrap-around swim skirt
The Sonsie skirt is made in the same lycra fabric as the bikini and tankini so you can swim in it if you wish.   It can be worn any way around but we prefer it wrapping at the back and sitting 2-3 inches below the waist. The Sonsie skirt is a great cover up with the Sonsie bikini or wear the Sonsie skirt and the Sonsie tankini together to make a dress - beach to bar clothing without getting changed!   


Here’s a quote from our feedback: 

What I really enjoyed was that I could put the swimwear on in the morning and then just not worry about what to wear for the rest of the day. It was "beach to bar" just like you said. It was the first time I've had something that I really loved 

The Sonsie tie-side pant
The pant ties at both sides so you can adapt the fit. The design is high cut to make your legs look longer and the overall fit is quite generous. The bands tie across the middle of your stomach.If you are Average size but small hipped and/or you prefer a smaller pant, order the Small size and tie the sides with more of a gap between the front and back. 

We like to tie bows when worn as a bikini but tie knots when worn under the skirt for a sleeker look. And of course, nice tight knots before swimming in the sea!!

Maternity swimwear
We didn't intend to design maternity swimwear when we started Sonsie.  We were just trying to make life easier for women who were bigger then the standard A-C cup size swimwear available in most stores.  We also wanted a flattering design to disguise those of us who no longer have the perfect six-pack abs.  But a number of women contacted us to say we had also designed perfect maternity swimwear!!  

Sonsie bikinis, tankinis and wrap skirts make great maternity swimwear and you can wear them after the baby arrives.  

"Preggy togs

I received my swimwear this morning and it fits perfectly, and is WAY more 
flattering that ANY of the preggy togs I have been trying on. So thankyou 
for such great service and a nice swim suit. "

About the Author 

Ree Smith is the Managing Director of Sonsie Swimwear which is Australasia’s online swimwear store for women with bigger boobs. Encouraging women with bigger boobs all over the world to feel good about their bodies is Sonsie’s agenda!

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