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Minnie + Ree is a small growing fashion company that aims to mix the best of both worlds - an online shop and small individualistic lines of clothing and accessories that have gorgeous colours and patterns and more than a dash of usefulness. Most of Minnie + Ree's clothing is flexi-sized and adjustable.  We make beautiful things to make your life easier.

Read on to find out more about us, our policies and how we can help you.  

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About Us

About Us About Us
Minnie + Ree started in 2006 when Ree got fed up with not being able to buy swimwear that fitted. Sonsie Swimwear was born as a web-based swimwear brand in 2007. Colour, style and practicality is the passion hence the growth of “beautiful things to make your life easier”.... more


Sizing Sizing
Minnie + Ree know that few women fit the standard sizes. And the more women that try on our clothes the more we see that there is no standard size! We design our clothing to fit "real" women and most pieces are adjustable in size. Read on for details ...... more

Shipping & returns

Shipping & returns Shipping & returns
We try to keep shipping costs down and we try to minimise and standardise the shipping fees by having a very simple formula. Also we have free shipping for orders over ...... more

Payment & currencies

Payment & currencies Payment & currencies
Minnie + Ree accepts Paypal and bank desposits. Paypal allows you to pay with most major credit cards. If you wish to pay with internet banking (within NZ) please place your order and contact us for our bank account details...... more

Customer feedback

Customer feedback Customer feedback
Here are examples of the feedback that we have received over the past few years. Please email us if you would like to add yours...... more

How to choose swimwear

How to choose swimwear How to choose swimwear
This page is a copy of the Sonsie Swimwear booklet "How to choose best fit swimwear for women with bigger boobs".... more

Maternity swimwear

Maternity swimwear Maternity swimwear
"I received my swimwear this morning and it fits perfectly, and is WAY more
flattering that ANY of the preggy togs I have been trying on. So thankyou
for such great service and a nice swim suit. "... more

About merino

About merino About merino
What's so special about merino wool?... more

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