Minnie Faux creates effortless and stylish clothing and accessories to help you build a durable wardrobe that makes you feel comfortable, confident and beautiful. 

We love stylish clothing and we love comfy clothing. We want our clothes to be a joy: comfy but still stylish, and maybe a bit edgy. Our New Zealand-made clothing is very easy to wear but you still feel good and look cool. Minnie Faux clothing is flexi-sized and adjustable - that's why it's so comfortable. We have two main sizes and an OS. OS (One Size) fits most women who wear NZ/Aus 10-18. Size Small fits most women who wear NZ/Aus 10-12 and Size Average is NZ/Aus 14-18. More details and measurements are in the individual garment listings.

Dresses + tunics



cotton wrap skirts


minnie + ree pant


linen top

Boro + broderie

We love hand stitching. There is nothing like a garment that has been individually hand stitched and embellished. These clothes celebrate the art of clothes making and the skills of the craftsperson who makes them. We want you to  treasure these items for years.

hand stitched linen

perfect imperfections

Natural fabrics have natural flaws! OMG who’d have thought that? If we see a flaw in the fabric of a garment and we’re not convinced it will last through the years you will see that it has been reinforced with a heart. If you have a piece of M+R clothing that you think needs a heart, email us and we'll arrange it. Enjoy the perfect imperfections...