Maternity swimwear

Maternity swimwear
Maternity swimwear

Are you pregnant or breastfeeding?

We didn't intend to design maternity swimwear when we started Sonsie.  We were just trying to make life easier for women who were bigger then the standard A-C cup size swimwear available in most stores.  We also wanted a flattering design to disguise those of us who no longer have the perfect six-pack abs.  But a number of women contacted us to say we had also designed perfect maternity swimwear!!  

Sonsie bikinis, tankinis and wrap skirts make great maternity swimwear and you can wear them after the baby arrives.  

"Preggy togs

I received my swimwear this morning and it fits perfectly, and is WAY more 
flattering that ANY of the preggy togs I have been trying on. So thankyou 
for such great service and a nice swim suit. "

Maternity swimwear in a gorgeous yellow

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