Customer feedback

Customer feedback
Customer feedback
If you have feedback on any of Minnie + Ree's range please send me an email and I will post it on this page.  Also if you have photos, I would love to see them.

To place feedback please click on the link:  feedback for Minnie + Ree

Latest comments:

Minnie + Ree

Very nice and very well constructed! I'm a happy buyer!!

Love it!!!

Merino Minnie

"Hi.   Just thought I'd let you know that the cowl-scarf arrived this morning.  Many thanks for your great service and a great product.   Many thanks" 

"I am too 'shy' to send you my picture but I just wanted to say that I love your hoodie scarf.  It is gorgeous to touch, warm to wear and the blue looks wonderful on me.  And it is really practical too!  Thank you."

Thanks so much for the great merino beanies. They're perfect! And thanks for the quick service. Now I'm sending them on to Germany to a family of Kiwis! (but I kept 1 for myself.)

Really great cow/scarf. I was worried that it wouldn't fit my big head, but it fits perfectly. Really quick shipping to Sweden also. Thanks!

I love the scarf - the colour is great and it feels so soft and warm. It arrived very quickly too. Thanks so much.

Sonsie Swimwear

New large size

Hello Marla 
We did a larger size in the new range - the green and taupe ones. It is sized for a US 16-18. We are just updating the whole website but you can choose Large at the check out for those two new colours. Email me if you would like more info (through the contact page).

Comment made by Ree 

Re: Could you increase your sizes?

I wear US 18 in swimwear and have a 42C sized chest. I have had 3 kids , so of course I have a tummy. 
I am afraid to purchase your swimwear in the current average size. I would love it if you increase to an extra-large option. 
Not all large breasted women wear size 14. 
Thank you!

Comment made by Marla Holbrook 

Buying swimsuits on the internet ...

I received my swim wear today and I LOVE them! My husband thought I was nuts for buying swimsuits on the internet but even he agreed they look great. 

Comment made by Chrissy 

What a perfect suit

I got my suit on friday it only took a week!!! I LOVE it I have been looking for "The suit" for at least 15 years and I have FOUND it!!! It is everything I wanted and more!! Thanks you guys rock

Comment made by Stephanie 

Halter straps

Hi Stephanie 
The halter straps that we have do have rubber sewn into them so they are far more supportive and comfortable.

Comment made by Ree 

Need some with reg. straps - not halter

I have found that the most supportive swimsuits if you have large boobs, is ones that have reg. bra straps. The halter ones just don't give you good support. So....I'd like to see some with those straps. Thanks

Comment made by Stephanie

New comment

I got my swimsuit a couple of days ago and have only just had the opportunity to turn my computer on!! 

Aaargh, I love it!! It really is so flattering. I was worried about the pattern and the colour looking okay on my skin (haven’t seen sun for a while, you know!) but it looks really good. This is also the first tankini or swimsuit that I haven’t been self-conscious about my boobs, it actually makes them look good and what really surprised me is the support it provided. 

Comment made by Kylee 

Love the Sonsie tankini

And my daughter loved it too - genius cut - hides the tummy - love it! Many thanks! P.S. It looks good with jeans!

Comment made by Mary 

Preggy togs

I received my swimwear this morning and it fits perfectly, and is WAY more 
flattering that ANY of the preggy togs I have been trying on. So thankyou 
for such great service and a nice swim suit. 

Comment made by KD 

I love it

Thank you so much, I received my tankini this morning. It fits perfectly - I love it. 

Comment made by Louise 

I really love it

What I really enjoyed was that I could put the swimwear on in the morning and then just not worry about what to wear for the rest of the day. It was "beach to bar" just like you said. It was the first time I've had something that I really loved

Comment made by Michelle 

Hi Maree 
I received my swimsuit and I love it. I had searched all summer to find a 
swimsuit that has full coverage and I just can't believe I won this!! Thanks 
so much, Cyndi Wilson 

Swimsuit heaven

I have chosen the blue paisley print tankini and briefs. They not only felt comfortable and secure, I actually felt sonsie! The design complimented my body. I went swimming with my young boys and the swimsuit performed beautifully. Thanks Sonsie.

Comment made by Catriona Strong 

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