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Mosey pants

These pants are so comfortable!!! There are three types:

  1. Mosey knit pants - made in a medium weight knit fabric (cotton and polyester blend) they feel like leggings or trackpants when you are wearing them but they still look cool and you can dress them up when you go out. 
  2. Mosey linen pants - another drop crotch style but made in cool, casual, comfortable linen.
  3. Above Ankle pants - another linen pant but with normal crotch and wider leg.

mosey comfy pants by Minnie + Ree


All have a waist that is elastic and has a drawstring. All have legs that designed to roll up if you want a shorter pant. Of course there are pockets!

Our blog post all about them and their name is hereAnd here.

Like all Minnie + Ree clothing there are two sizes for the pants:

Size Average - fits Aus/NZ 14-16-18. This is approx US 10-14. Our standard sizing says hips 41 - 46 inches or 105 - 117 cm. 

Size Small is Aus/NZ 8-10-12 which is approx US 4-6-8. Our standard sizing says hips 35 - 40 inches or 90 - 100 cm. 

We only make small production runs. Scroll down for current colour choices ...