Sonsie Originals range Tankini top in Yellow

Sonsie Originals range Tankini top in Yellow
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The YELLOW Sonsie tankini tops are part of the Sonsie Originals range. This range features a straight V top, unlike the Sonsie Naturals range which have a crossover top. The tankini in this range is also 7cms/approx 2 1/2 ins shorter than the Sonsie Naturals tankini.

The Beach-Party-Yellow is bright and colourful with a several other colours in the pattern. This includes a chocolate which is the same colour as in the Sonsie Chocolates range so you can mix and match.

The tankini comes in size SMALL and AVERAGE. Check out our sizes – they are real woman sizing!
SMALL = approx NZ/Aus 10-12 or USA 6-8
AVERAGE = approx NZ/Aus 14-16-18 or USA 10-12-14