Sonsie Naturals range Tankini top in Green

Sonsie Naturals range Tankini top in Green
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The GREEN Sonsie tankini tops are part of the Sonsie Naturals range. This range features a crossover top, unlike the Sonsie Originals and Sonsie Chocolate ranges which are a straight V. So this top is less revealing. The tankini in this range is also 7cms/approx 2 1/2 ins longer than the Sonsie Originals tankini.

The GREEN is a peppermint green, quite pastel ‘milky’ in colour. The chocolate floral design is the same colour as in the Sonsie Chocolates range so you can mix and match.

The tankini comes in size SMALL, AVERAGE and LARGE (new size!). Check out our sizes – they are real woman sizing!
SMALL = approx NZ/Aus 10-12 or USA 6-8
AVERAGE = approx NZ/Aus 14-16-18 or USA 10-12-14
LARGE = approx NZ/Aus 20-22 or USA 16-18