Ettie linen dress in Navy

Ettie linen dress in Navy
Mid-weight linen over-sized knee-length dress with 'button' back | NZ$249.00 | M+R flexi-sizes One Size & Average
NZ$ 249.00
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The Ettie dress is a very cool and comfy linen dress designed to be over-sized and easy to wear in warm weather. If it gets cooler it can be layered up with tights, a slip, cardi and/or long-sleeve top. There is a line of feature colour snaps down the back. Pockets of course!

As this dress is an over-sized style we have found that many people change their preferred size and so we have labelled our size small as a size OS - One Size fits most. The sizes therefore are:

* Size AVERAGE fits Aus/NZ 16-18-20. This is approx US 12-14.

* Size OS is Aus/NZ 10-12-14-16 which is approx US 6-8-10.

We wash our linen after the garment has been made so it is not going to shrink. We do NOT iron - we love our wrnkles! Just hang it to dry on a soft padded coat hanger. We do recommend that you wash your new dress separately the first few times as it may still be shedding a little of the linen 'lint' and possibly some colour. The linen will continue to soften over time.