DELUXE Merino Cowl Scarf in Tobacco

DELUXE Merino Cowl Scarf in Tobacco
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Our DELUXE merino cowl scarf has about 2 metres of merino doubled into a tube.  It is gorgeously warm!  It is twice as long as our other cowls so think twice as warm!!

You put the cowl on by scrunching it up and pulling it over your head. You can then wear it around your neck like an infinity or circle scarf, handy since you can't lose it. Or you can pull the merino cowl up the back of your head and wear it as a hood and scarf. Great when it rains as you don't get hat hair. And it's really warm, even when it gets wet.

Merino wool is special because the fibre keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer.  It is also shower resistant and flame retardant.  Merino wool is unlikely to prickle or itch like other wool because the fibres are so fine.  It is well known in the sports industry because it doesn't stink like synthetic fabrics.  And you can wash your merino in the washing machine!

This DELUXE merino cowl is 14 1/2 inches/37cm wide.