• Snap wrap skirts
  • Katydid snap wrap skirt
  • The Belle frock
  • Reversible wide
  • slouchy tops wide
  • sonsie wide
  • cowls wide

Let’s make clothing a joy. Take a look around our website for clothing that makes you feel good - flattering flexi-sizes, gorgeous colours and patterns, tactile fabrics and small production runs.

Minnie + Ree make clothes and accessories in gorgeous colours and patterns and with more than a dash of usefulness. Most of Minnie + Ree's clothing is flexi-sized and adjustable.  We want our clothes to be comfy but still stylish and maybe a bit edgy.  If you work from home, need a holiday wardrobe or just want to add some colour and style to your everyday clothes, take a look around!  This is also the home of Sonsie Swimwear - bikinis and tankinis for women with a larger bust, and Merino Minnie - accessories and clothing made from beautiful, practical New Zealand merino.  

And we believe in Vivienne Westwood’s mantra – Choose well, Buy less, Make it last!