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This is the online shop for Minnie + Ree, Sonsie Swimwear and Merino Minnie.  

You can also find us at the Underground designer market at Frank Kitts Park on Wellington's waterfront every Saturday 10am - 4pm.  See our News & Events page for a map and where we plan to be this month.

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Merino Minnie has merino SCARVES, GLOVES, BEANIES and HEADBANDS. Our scarves include a merino cowl scarf (aka snood) and a hoodie scarf (scoodie). All Merino Minnie products are made from pure New Zealand merino wool which is beautifully soft and warm. Merino wool is an amazing product, it is a very fine wool and the fibre keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer. It is also shower resistant and flame retardant. Merino wool is unlikely to prickle or itch like other wool because the fibres are so fine and it is "odour resistant" (a nice phrase that means you don’t have to wash it often as it doesn’t stink) and long wearing. And you can wash your merino in the washing machine!
Merino Minnie Headbands   
Merino Minnie Headbands
These headbands are made from a merino wool knit fabric. Merino is used both to keep warm and to keep cool so it is an ideal fabric for wrapping around your head because it breathes and is stretchy. Wear it as a headband or as a turban. Move the trim around to get the best angle for your face shape. You can scrunch it up so it is thinner or in the winter time you can spead it out to keep your ears warm. Excellent remedy for bad hair days!! Wear it around your neck as a wee scarf.

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